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Yet another aspect of Cultural Change

A new set of values and beliefs among potential employees has created a new, emerging business culture. Behavioral change is occurring within the organized workplace that is far beyond the control of its leadership!   This transformation of the basic human … Continue reading

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“Space is an organization’s second most valuable resource, yet little attention is paid to how it supports the new ways of working or the high-performance business strategies driving corporations today”. 1995, Workplace by Design, Franklin Becker and Fritz Steele

In the twenty years since Becker and Steele published their enlighting book regarding the importance of the planned work environment, many business leaders are still overlooking the value of the organizational workplace.   Many leaders still see the workplace as merely … Continue reading

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Taking a Step Towards Innovative Space…

Business leaders are being inundated with reasons to create a more competitive, interactive, work facility for their organizations.  And, yes, there is a lot of merit to the value of a workplace planned for the new work initiatives.  With that … Continue reading

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What a Great Article!

What a Great Article!.

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It’s all changed!

Vast layouts of repetitive cubicles can no longer support the highly collaborative and interactive work-styles of today’s business associates. Technology is enhancing work processes in ways that were unheard of a short time ago! It is critical that leaders thoroughly understand and embrace this change to the … Continue reading

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