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Helping organizational leaders to visualize their future through a "Futures Envisioning" process. Being aware of the "Trends & Drivers" that are effecting the work environment today is critical to effective business planning. A pro-active, long range, plan that incorporates anticipated change is crucial to making knowledgeable decisions in a timely manner.

At the Confluence of Information and Knowledge is PLACE

Today’s socially complex organization relies on a Tacit Knowledge Base that must be nurtured to its full extent and sustained with a Planned Methodology that will lead to unmitigated success in meeting business goals.   The implicit physical setting in which … Continue reading

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Anticipating Inevitable Change is Key to sustaining a productive work environment.

Was your new workspace designed for an organizational culture that has since, clashed with your true work culture? Mismatched solutions are highly disruptive to employees as well as disappointing to leadership who want to believe that they are initiating dramatic … Continue reading

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Who is Sustaining Your Workplace Culture?

A cohesive working atmosphere cannot be left to chance! The innovative physical “Work Arena” is rapidly becoming commonplace as a positive resource for today’s business operation.   Today’s business entities are made up of individuals representing a diverse generational employee pool … Continue reading

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Is Physical Space really the Foundation of Organizational Culture?

Or, will collective Social Culture survive despite its physical surroundings? Today’s business acumen is largely dependent on a highly interactive culture that can respond to change when or even before it occurs!    Thus, we all know the importance of Employee … Continue reading

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Exploiting that Flash of Innovation..!

Innovative thoughts are pervasive and can come and go in an instant.   When that idea occurs, are you and your organization prepared? Innovation is NOT a tangible product that comes out of the end of an assembly line.   According to … Continue reading

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Yet another aspect of Cultural Change

A new set of values and beliefs among potential employees has created a new, emerging business culture. Behavioral change is occurring within the organized workplace that is far beyond the control of its leadership!   This transformation of the basic human … Continue reading

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Do you miss your cubical? …Really?

Do you remember sixty-inch high panels on three sides of you?   With lots of storage and, at least, two drawer pedestals, overhead bins and your own file cabinet?   All of your personal stuff was laid out on your work surface sharing … Continue reading

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Where is Your “Workplace”? The Attraction & Retention of talented employees relies largely on individual CHOICE!

It is largely understood that in most work cultures, the vast majority of work is the responsibility of individuals and small teams assigned to specific tasks.  In many cases, it may not matter where the work is done as long … Continue reading

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“Space is an organization’s second most valuable resource, yet little attention is paid to how it supports the new ways of working or the high-performance business strategies driving corporations today”. 1995, Workplace by Design, Franklin Becker and Fritz Steele

In the twenty years since Becker and Steele published their enlighting book regarding the importance of the planned work environment, many business leaders are still overlooking the value of the organizational workplace.   Many leaders still see the workplace as merely … Continue reading

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The Physical Workplace doesn’t seem to be a topic of discussion in today’s Business Schools…

I’m curious  …Did anyone that attend Business School in the last forty years receive any education regarding the value of Planned Space to employee productivity? In 1958, Peter F. Drucker proclaimed that, “The primary resource in the post-capitalist society will … Continue reading

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