Welcome to DefineYourWorkplace.com

This site has been established specifically to help you understand the vast changes occurring in organizations today and relate that change to a positive and effective workplace.

Successful organizations have become so individually unique that their leaders can no longer rely on conventional means to establish goals for the future. The subtle intimacies in which they work are, quite often, only known to them. Business leaders can no longer be totally dependent on outside sources to aid them in their decision making. Leaders must take an active role in determining their own unique organizational needs and the effective physical environment in which it operates.

DefineYourWorkplace.com has been developed as an educational aid in the decision making process regarding change in and around business organizations.  Many of these articles referenced by Mr. Dieckman or written by him, address many of the diverse issues facing Organizational Leadership as they and their Planning Team go about the intimate process of “Re-Defining” their Work Environment in order to support the complex needs of a multi-faceted work style.

David Dieckman (2)

Mr. Dieckman is a past Vice President at Scott Rice Office Works in Lenexa, Kansas and is presently an Independent Organizational Space Strategist supporting Business and Facilities Leaders in education and decision making relative to the working environment and its relationship to Work Processes, Technology and Continual Change. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Interior Design at the University of North Texas and at Northern Illinois University. Mr. Dieckman has served on the Interior Design Advisory Boards at the University of Central Missouri, Park University and Kansas State University. He also served on the Board of the Missouri Coalition for Interior Design representing professional interior designers in the Kansas City area.

You can Contact David at:      ddieckman43@gmail.com
Call or Text to 913 915-2738

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