Regarding the Social Aspects of work:

A Whole New Mind   Daniel H. Pink,   Riverhead,  2005
The 2020 Workplace   Meister & Willyerd,  Harper Business,  2010
The Organization of the Future   Hesselbein & Goldsmith,  Jossey-Bass,  2009
Beyond Reengineering  Michael Hammer, HarperBusiness, 1996
Working Knowledge    Davenport/Prusak, Harvard Business,  1998
Quiet The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
Susan Cain, Broadway Books, 2012

Regarding the Technological Aspects of work:

Virtural Teams   Lipnak & Stamps,  Wiley,  1998
Technology Perspectives, looking at the forces of Change    Gentle,  Fijitsu,  2011

Regarding the Spatial Aspects of work:

Disproving Widespread Myths About Workplace Design  Brill,  Kimball,  2001
Change by Design   Brown,  Harper,   2009
Workplace by Design    Becker/Steele,  Jossey-Bass, 1995
Recreating the Workplace, Steven R. Rayner, Wright Publications,  1993
The Office – A Facility Based on Change,  Robert Propst,  The Business Press,  1968

Regarding the Sustainability Aspects of work:

Mid-Course Correction-Toward a Sustainable Enterprise  Anderson, Green, 1999
Creating Sustainable Value for the 21st Century  Nahikian,  Steelcase360,   2012

…Anything by;  Tom Peters,   Peter F. Drucker,   W. Edwards Deming

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