Taking a Step Towards Innovative Space…

Business leaders are being inundated with reasons to create a more competitive, interactive, work facility for their organizations.  And, yes, there is a lot of merit to the value of a workplace planned for the new work initiatives.  With that said, much of the push for innovative space seems to be from an “all-or-nothing” perspective which does not need to be the case!
Many going concerns are doing just fine in today’s business environment with a much more traditional business model in place.  As a result, their leadership is reluctant to fix something that is far from broken.   They do however, see significance in creating area(s) within their organizational space that promote the valuable, interactive, space that can lead to innovative thought within their ranks.
The most logical location to incorporate this type of  “communicative” space, within the existing work environment, is in a place where most of the employees naturally cross paths throughout the day.   The obvious areas of consideration would be lunch rooms, break areas, copy/support areas and , the often underutilized, entry foyer.  Any of these areas could be targeted and repurposed as a virtual oasis of highly interactive, collaborative, thus Innovative Space!
This physical environment, promoting somewhat serendipitous, cross disciplinary, interaction, will greatly accelerate new thought within the overall organization without disrupting the more traditional work modes.  However, leadership cannot rely on a “if you build it, they will come” mentality!  Employees must be informed of the physical changes within the new environment and be thoroughly educated as to how the space is to be utilized to its potential.
The addition of this new, more open and inviting, location within the existing facility will greatly compliment the more traditional workplace  …allowing all employees a greater choice from which to bring their goals to fruition.

About defineyourworkplace

Helping organizational leaders to visualize their future through a "Futures Envisioning" process. Being aware of the "Trends & Drivers" that are effecting the work environment today is critical to effective business planning. A pro-active, long range, plan that incorporates anticipated change is crucial to making knowledgeable decisions in a timely manner.
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