The Intimate Task of Engaging and Motivating Millennials in Today’s Workforce

I recently attended a presentation given by Kirk A. Young, President of Job Match Assessment, an Overland Park based consulting firm that serves organizations by quite literally, matching available jobs with high performing individuals specifically suited for the job.
Kirk spoke of the recent challenges of “Engaging and Motivating Millennials”.    He explained that, even today, many workers new to the workforce come in like other generations have.  “…anything is possible but the costs and the paths are not clear”.

Today’s business leaders, and particularly HR Professionals, have an entirely new set of values to match when working with the millennial generation.  Leadership must know and understand the unique needs of millennials well.   Millennials live in a highly connected society so leadership must make it a point to connect with them.  And, they, in-turn, must be allowed to be interconnected with their leadership.   In order to be fully effective, millennials must be “continually informed” of the goals of the organization.   They must be provided the skills and the tools to do their work in a “Self-Managed” and “Self-Directed” environment.
Today, motivated employees are working to maintain and grow their personal vision of themselves.   As a result, their success is achieved by reaching their personal goals as they relate to the fulfillment of their organization’s goals.

As suggested by Kirk, HR Professionals can utilize on-line tools to support their efforts in engaging and motivating millennial employees.   For further information, please visit Kirk’s website at

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