Leadership Discovery…

  • Do your people have the tools they need to do their jobs?
  • Does their workplace support collaborative activities as well as other aspects of employee’s jobs? 
    …Can they concentrate?  Can they share ideas?  (There is a percentage game there that is critical to space planning!)
  • What combination of spaces will best support the variety and proportion of the work modes identified?
  • Is the message your environment sends consistent with the rest of the organization?   What about sustainability?
  • Does your space allocation and management strategy position your organization for the future?

It truly is about people, Your People!
A thorough and candid understanding of your organization must be the center-point of futures thinking in regards to providing an appropriate physical work environment.   Again, your organization is unique.  Your cultural criteria cannot be based on assumptions of other, like, organizations! 
Take the time to create a foundation of knowledge regarding your organization.   It will lead to organizational space that truly enhances your valued employees productivity!  

About defineyourworkplace

Helping organizational leaders to visualize their future through a "Futures Envisioning" process. Being aware of the "Trends & Drivers" that are effecting the work environment today is critical to effective business planning. A pro-active, long range, plan that incorporates anticipated change is crucial to making knowledgeable decisions in a timely manner.
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